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Healthy drinks for pregnancy. 

Healthy drinks for pregnancy.

as soon as we get to know that pregnancy  is about to come, suddenly we become so conscious what to eat, what to drink, how to move, how to sit.

there are just so many questions in our mind because all that we want at the end of the day is safety and health of a baby, we want those nine months to be really, really smooth so that we can be good and healthy and which means that our baby will be definitely healthy.

what to drink during pregnancy.

You’re going to read four drinks that is ok to have on a daily basis, more like a routine or more like a discipline in my life throughout those nine months of pregnancy.

1. waterWater

now every cell, every tissue, every organ of your body needs water, in fact water is so important that after delivering the baby, when you start feeding the baby you must know that 80% of the breast milk is made up of water, that’s how important water is for your body at this point of time.

as it is during pregnancy you feel a lot of thirst you feel a lot of morning sickness or you feel a lot of nausea maintaining the right water balance in the body, will help take care of all of that also but make sure when you’re having this work it is not water that you take out directly from the fridge, it’s best to have water at normal temperature.

make sure you always have water like throughout the day lots and lots of water, you always have a water bottle on your side, that’s something that you definitely must do for yourself and your baby, and you will see the good effect of water on your overall health.

 2. drink coconut waterCoconut water

coconut water helps to restore the electrolyte balance in the bod, it helps to replenish the essential salts that get lost or out because of sweat, and most importantly it helps to cool down the body.

now because there is another life inside you your body is constantly working round the clock, to ensure that that life is growing, that life is developing, and that life needs whatever it wants so what happens is that your body becomes really heated inside you may not feel it outside, but inside its really heated and that’s why you face a lot of issues with respect to digestion or nausea or just feeling dizzy or morning sicknes.

so it’s very important to maintain the right balances in the body, hormonal imbalances in the body, and coconut water does that, apart from that it’s a great contributor to the skin and the hair.

having so much water and so much coconut water on a daily basis, there’s no limit to the quantity of coconut water that you can have it’s absolutely see if drink and it is a drink that you must have to route your pregnanc.

 3. vitamin CVitamin c

rich juices now what happens is as soon as you’re pregnant you will get this list of iron and calcium supplements that you need to have throughout your pregnancy, but what happens is for iron to be absorbed easily in the body your body needs to have vitamin C.

so vitamin C support iron, iron get easily absorbed in the body, but we do not take vitamins and supplements, so it’s important to ensure that you are getting vitamin C naturally on a daily basis, and the best the easily far more easily available and cheap sources of vitamin C are lemons.

so you can always make the nimbu pani or lemon juice sweet salted mix however you’d like to take more juice you can have orange juice, these are just create great sources and they are so refreshing, you can have it in the morning and you’ll feel such a nice up beat in your entire mood.

pomegranate is also very very good for your blood cell, but eat both so it totally depends if you are good to have the whole fruit have the whole fruit, and also stick to lime and orange in most meals they are very, very good for detoxifying your liver, also and just for cleaning all the impurities in your body.

4. yogurtYorgurt

so yogurt has great probiotic so what happens is because of the heating that happens in the body, because so much of blood flow is happening, you generally face a lot of digestion issues and it’s not a good idea to have use motions during your pregnancy.

so your stomach really needs to be calm and cool, and you know needs to have the good probiotic that goes inside the body, cleans the system keeps the system cool and calm, this is very important for your entire body if your stomach is good, also you will feel good you know.

normally pregnancy just otherwise also just imagine, when you had stomach troubles you know your whole day can be a mess, and your whole day can be a day when you’re just not feeling good so that’s exactly what happens during pregnancy.

so curd or different forms of yogurt you can put yogurt in smoothies, you can do buttermilk you can do smoothies which is swee, let’s see however you want to have yogurt, just have homemade yogurt on a daily basis.

now what happens is that during pregnancy caffeine is avoidable and even if you take it, it has to be very very restricted quantity.

So make sure that your dinner or anything after dinner is not something sugary, because that can really disturb your sleep as it is in pregnancy, you don’t really sleep very well but just make sure that’s done, so milk is something that you should have especially if you are not having curled, you must have two glasses of milk on a daily basis, so that’s something that you should do.


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