Napa cabbage benefits.

Napa cabbage benefits

10 health benefits of Napa cabbage (Chinese cabbage)

the Napa cabbages that is known in china has for generations been recognized as a popular health boosting vegetable and delicacy, this vegetable was initially grown in ancient China on the Yangtze River some 6,000 years ago.

before it spread to Korea, japan and ultimately to the West some of the common types of Napa cabbage include:

sweet bok, choy joy, Chi and Worf bok choy among others Napa cabbage can be prepared raw as an exotic salad, smoothie juicer, cooked as a delicious dish the vegetable offers a host of health benefits from promoting weight loss and fitness to disease prevention.Napa cabbage

1. helps build strong bones

new bone materials alongside vitamin K and calcium, it also play’s an important role of keeping the teeth very strong, calcium also helps enhances nerve function, while vitamin K promotes fat breakdown in blood clotting a tuff of bok choy contains 64% vitamin K and 16% calcium.

2. fights fatigue and anemia

low levels of hemoglobin in the body can make you feel tired and less active, the high concentration of eating Napa cabbage helps the body produce hemoglobin in the blood, hemoglobin plays an important role of transporting oxygen throughout the body, this can go a long way to revitalize the body.

3. helps regulate blood pressure

this vegetable is a rich source of potassium in calcium, which are crucial in reducing hypertension, bok choy also contains low levels of sodium which is associated with low pressure, studies have shown that a reduction in sodium in the diet can lower the levels of blood pressure by up to 8 millimeters.Napa cabbage 4. Helps for cardiovascular health

this leafy and refreshing vegetable is also great for the heart, it contains blood pressure reducing abilities which is critical in regulating blood pressure.

5. Helps weight loss

This vegetable contains low levels of calories, despite packing huge amounts of fiber, napa cabbage is a dietary supplement can be taking with almost any meal, without causing any serious caloric increment, this makes it an ideal natural aid for promoting and maintaining weight loss, one popular way to prepare Napa cabbage is creating a green juice, enriched with fruits such as strawberries, blueberries and banana.

 6. strengthen the immune system

Napa cabbage is an important source of vitamin C, which acts as a booster to the body’s defense mechanism, vitamin C also helps the body fight various diseases and preventing infections such as common cold and gum disease.Napa cabbage

 7. Improves eyesight

Napa cabbage is highly beneficial to the eyesight, since it contains an important ingredient called beta carotene, that has been shown to prevent macular degeneration and cataracts.

8. improves digestive health

Napa cabbage is a rich source of fiber, which is critical in promoting healthy digestion, sufficient consumption of fiber is also useful in eliminating accumulated waste from the body’s digestive tract.

9. helps combat skin infections and disorders

Napa cabbage can help fight a host of skin infections, including eczema, acne and pimples, because it contains crucial antibacterial and antiseptic properties, some of the skin disorders that can be overcome by taking this cabbage include blemishes wrinkles, skin discolorations, and skin allergies, Napa cabbage also helps reinvigorate the skin making it soft and supple.

10. promotes hair growth

the vitamins found in Napa cabbage such as vitamin C and vitamin E have been shown to promote and maintain the growth of healthy hair, the vegetable also contains high quantities of iron which helps increase the levels of h air in the body.

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