Weight loss

Using the secret to weight loss.

Using the secret to weight loss

these are more natural holistic secret, first secrets is to recognize that weight loss can only do one thing and that is to have you lose weight.

if you want to lose weight or if you want to lose your body fat percentage, and many other things your diet plays a really important role. it is a 60-40 thing, 60 percent is your diet and 40 percent is the exercise that you do that actually helps you to get the best results, in your weight loss journey.

so diet plays a very important role but the often misconstrued our diet with starving, we tend to believe in spate diets like having no carbs, having no fat so in this article, You are going to see the secret diet plan that will help you lose weight, but that secret has nothing to do with starvation or any fad diets it has nothing to do with actually limiting your carbs, or not eating something or keeping yourself hungry.

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It is just not like that the secret behind a sustained weight loss program, is a good healthy balanced diet now talking about good healthy balanced diet, actually means cutting onto your junk food and not cutting onto your food the very common mistake and everyone out there does in their weight loss journey is that, they think that by keeping themselves hungry by cutting onto the calories you will actually lose weigh.

and you will because obviously when you cut on your calorie is calorie deficit makes you lose weight but that is not sustainable, you have to cut down your calories but in a very systematic fashio, in a very scientific manner so there’s a whole whole process that goes into a me proper meal planning for yourself and that has nothing to do with actually limiting yourself to eat anything.

scientifically you can balance your meal in a very efficient manne, to make sure that you get the best results in your weight loss journey so macro nutrients that are required by a body are informs of fats carbs and protei, these are the major macronutrients that actually yourselves and your body needs to function day to day activitie, now protein is actually utilized for the various functions in your body, be it your recovery your transport of blood of lots of things the various functions that goes into your body, protein is the fuel that’s required to process those functions now when comes to fats and carbs the energy released by the breakdown of these important macronutrients is actually utilized.

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when you exercise a lot of you might have been taking many challenges, so to make sure that you get the best results with those exercis, I’m going to give you a systematic neat land that makes sure that fat loss happens every day to your body, no matter what kind of lifestyle pattern you are following be intermittent fasting or any kind of lifestyle or timetable that you were following for yourself, the very important thing here is that you have to divide your muse into four major portion, as breakfast lunch snacks and dinner.

so there can be mini meals in between like two to three more noodles, in between that are many meals that’s completely fine but for major meals should be there that is breakfast lunch snack and dinne, these actually make sure that your metabolism is in place and your fat is being utilized at a rate, that it should be ordered to keep in pace with the exercise that you do along with the daily activities.

you now know what to eat for breakfast lunch snack and dinner that is the major question that arises now for breakfast lunch they no, we have to actually divide our carbs, fats and protein in such a way that it gives us a healthy balance, make sure that we are not facing the problem of fatigu, the energy is not dropped by the end of the day we don’t feel tired for a day this is a very common problem, that actually people face that they feel really very tired throughout the da, because they have started exercising but they’re not able to take up that much amount of nutrition, so there is a conflict so it’s very important that you balance your meal you balance on your carbs, fats and proteins throughout the day, in such a way that you get the immense amount of energy to exercise, to process the daily activitie, and don’t feel tired by the end of the day.

your first meal is your breakfast meal, so your breakfast is the first thing that you are having, at the beginning of the day so it should have all fats, carbs and protein so that you get enough amount of energy throughout the day, to perform various activities, be it your exercise or your regular activities or any high intensity low intensity thing that you are doing and moving your body or should be done effectively without feeling tired.

talking about lunch your lunch should have more fats and carbohydrates, now some people prefer to do exercise after their breakfast or some people like to do it like an evening or some people would like to do in in the early morning itself, so whatever the timing of your exercise be but in your lunch if you consume fats and carbohydrates, it is actually balanced, because you cannot have it in your dinner, because having fats and carbs in your dinner doesn’t give enough time for your body to process them, because you sleep after having like for three to four hours of your dinner.

you directly sleep so you don’t get enough time to for their processing so having fats and carbs not actually helps your body to process them easily to utilize them for the exercise, if you’re doing it in the evening on for the other activities as well now income when it comes to snacking most of the time in your snack, you should you fiber-rich food now the main there are two reasons finally do this for us we want energy and the high fiber content is really good for your body second it will give you a feeling of fullness, so you will consume less calories in your dinner.

and that’s what we want because in dinner we don’t want to heavy of ourselves, and make sure that our body is given enough amount of time to process it, so we are keeping our dinner light so if you don’t want to feel hungry or feel that cravings it’s important that you eat enough fiber in your snacking.

so I mostly prefer to go with some juices or some fruits high fiber fruits or even if you’re not having fruits you can have chia chia seeds or chia pudding, at something that’s mean a lot of fiber that should go at that point of time so that you feel full and you end up with less calories in your dinner the, we are going with very less carbohydrates, so as carbohydrates takes a lot of time to get processed and as with fats.

Fats also take a very long time to get processed, so we want very minimum of carbs and fats in our dinner, and now this is no path you know now no fats and no cups, and what will be eat definitely protein, so a high protein low carb foods is what I recommend in your dinner.

so I hope you’ll find this article very useful stay healthy and happy take care of yoursel.

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